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Example IT-Pro Card

    Here is an example of what your own card could look like.
Example IT-Pro Card

Everything can be customized!

    This tool can be used to make player cards for pretty much anything!
Spy Stats Card
  • All the stats can be named anything; use the "Stats" tab to do this.
  • Any color can be assigned to the different elements.
  • The "Name" text can only be 12 characters long. I will fix this in the future.

Need an Avatar Image?

    A 200px x 200px size image works best.

How to get a better/higher image resolution?

    The image this app creates uses the Html2Canvas JavaScript library. The image is a pixel-by-pixel capture of what's on the screen. If you want a higher-quality image, just zoom in within your web browser. Once you have all your settings done, go to the download tab, zoom in(ctrl + scroll-forward), then click download. Boom! Larger image size!

Something not working correctly?

    The app is all JavaScript, meaning it is not running on the server; it runs in your web browser. I use Firefox, so that is where all my testing is done. If you are using any other web browser, you may have issues. If you're in Firefox and still having problems, email me using the "Contact Us" page.

Trying to get a custom color?

    If you find a color you want to use but don't know the color number, you can use Firefox's F12 Dev menu color picker. Find a picture or website with the color, then use the color picker to sample the color. The color number will be saved to your clipboard.

Need a Color # to RGB Code Convert?


Why can I only use 30 stat points?

    No one can be an expert at everything. All aspects of IT are constantly changing and evolving. Being an expert(score 10) in one area requires continuous studying, practice, and a considerable time commitment. The time commitment to being a Networking expert means that your other skills will begin to degrade.
    So a "jack of all trades" will have a score of 5 in all categories. In contrast, an expert could be a 10 in only three categories and 0 in all the others. Really, the scores are just the measurement of your time commitment to a field of study.

What is the core idea of an IT-Pro Card?

    I wanted a way to convey my IT-related skills easily. A player's card shows the areas I focus on the most for training. I got the idea from Grand Theft Auto V crew-board that displays the accomplices you can hire for a heist.
    So that got me thinking, what would the player cards look like if I needed a Hacker or Incident Responder for a job? So I came up with this fun tool!


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