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Ghost in the Wires – Book Review

My review of Ghost in the Wires: My Adventures as the World’s Most Wanted Hacker, is Kevin Mitnick’s autobiography.

Bash Code Obfuscation

Learn how to make your own Bash code obfuscated backdoor to hide in Linux systems.

Building Linux Backdoors with ChatGPT

Learn how to build obfuscated Bash backdoors with some help from ChatGPT. Can Hackers use ChatGPT to build them the Bash malware they need? Find out in this blog post.

Guide to Attending DEF CON 31

Are you planning on attending DEF CON 31? Check out my guide if this will be your first DEF CON. The helpful tips you need to maximize your DEF CON 31 experience.

HTB Dante: Pro Lab Review & Tips

The tips you need to know for the Hack The Box Dante Pro Lab challenge. Are you ready for the challenge? My review of Hack The Box’s Dante Pro Lab.

Red Teaming vs. Penetration Test

What is the difference between Red Teaming and a Penetration Test? Let’s look at how these two differ and what value they bring.

HTB Dante Skills: Network Tunneling Part 2

Learn advanced network tunneling for pentesting. Limited access to a network, no problem! The skills you must know to complete the hack-the-box Dante Pro Lab.

HTB Dante Skills: Network Tunneling Part 1

Learn how to build network tunnels for pentesting or day-to-day systems administration. Learn the skills you must know to complete the hack-the-box Dante Pro Lab.

HTB Walkthrough: Support

Hack-The-Box Walkthrough for the machine Support. A writeup on how to PWN the Support server.

Building Custom Company-Specific Wordlists

A custom company-specific wordlist is vital to conducting password audits or blocking weak passwords from being set. Read how you can build a wordlist targeted at your company and defend against weak passwords.

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