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LetsDefend’s DFIR Challenge: Adobe ColdFusion RCE

A walk-through for the Let’s Defend DFIR Remote Code Execution challenge. A forensic investigation with Obfuscated PowerShell, reverse shells, and web shells.

Guide to Attending DEF CON 31

Are you planning on attending DEF CON 31? Check out my guide if this will be your first DEF CON. The helpful tips you need to maximize your DEF CON 31 experience.

Defend KeePass Against CVE-2023-32784

Find out what you need to know to defend against the KeePass vulnerability CVE-2023-32784!

Deobfuscate PowerShell From Real-World Incident

How to deobfuscate malicious PowerShell using a real-world example. Learn what you need to know now before an incident occurs!

NIST Server Hardening Best Practices

How security hardened are your servers really? Find out the free tools and methods to ensure your environment is NIST standards hardened and compliant!

Client System Hardening Best Practices & Testing

Are you looking for Client System Hardening Best Practices? Find out how you can test and improve your Windows Client environment security!

Build Honeypot Traps to Secure Your Network

Secure your network with Honeypot traps. How to add an early warning system to your network using this free tool.

Free Active Directory Security Tools

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If you are not using these free tools to secure Active Directory, then you’re an easy target! Find the vulnerabilities lurking in your Active Directory environment before the attackers do.

Building Custom Company-Specific Wordlists

A custom company-specific wordlist is vital to conducting password audits or blocking weak passwords from being set. Read how you can build a wordlist targeted at your company and defend against weak passwords.

Password Policy Best Practices in 2023

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How to audit and better secure Active Directory passwords. The latest updates to enterprise password policy and best practices. Tips on how you can stay up to date on breaches.

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