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Fast AD GPO Software Deployment Method

Do you want to deploy a script or software quickly via Group Policy? Learn the fastest software or script deployment method in Group Policy.

Incident Response Plan: Building System Imaging WinFE Tools

A step-by-step guide to building a WinFE bootable live OS ISO file for Incident Response or troubleshooting.

Incident Response Plan: Windows Data Collection

Do you have a Data Collection Incident Response Plan? Here is a method to jump-start the process.

Deobfuscate PowerShell From Real-World Incident

How to deobfuscate malicious PowerShell using a real-world example. Learn what you need to know now before an incident occurs!

LetsDefend’s Malware Analysis: Suspicious Browser Extension Walk-Through

LetsDefend’s Malware Analysis: Suspicious Browser Extension Walk-Through. Everything you need to know to solve the challenge!

Creating Fun Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercises

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How you can create fun and engaging cybersecurity tabletop exercises at your organization. Fulfill compliance requirements for tabletop exercises or security awareness training with the provided documents.

LetsDefend’s DFIR Challenge: IcedID Malware Family Walk-Through

A walk-through of the IcedID Malware Family for the LetsDefend’s DFIR Challenge. An analysis of the IcedID malware and how to defend against it.

How to Stay on Top of Cybersecurity News

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The top tools and news sources you need to know if you are in cybersecurity. Don’t get caught off guard by an attack!

LetsDefend’s DFIR Challenge: REvil Ransomware Walk-Through

LetsDefend’s DFIR challenge walk-through of the REvil ransomware challenge! Everything you need to know to complete the DFIR challenge.

Automated Sysmon Deployment

Learn how to automate the deployment and configurations of Sysmon in your environment.

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