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Secure Windows Remote Management from 2FA Bypass

How you can protect your Windows Servers from 2FA bypass and Pass-the-Hash Attacks. Your Yubikeys or Duo Authentication cannot fully protect you! Secure the WinRM service now!

Basic Networking Troubleshooting

How to perform basic network troubleshooting on a server. The quick and simple tests to locate a networking problem.

Tips for Writing Secure Bash Scripts

What you need to know to write more secure Bash scripts. Avoid common Bash programming mistakes with these helpful tips.

Linux Web Server Security Hardening Checklist

A checklist of Linux Web Server hardening and security best practices. How you can defend your Linux web servers from attackers!

Diamond Hard LAMP

Diamond Hard LAMP combines years of hosting experience to build a LAMP server with the highest security. All this knowledge is packed into a powerful Bash script to enable anyone to build and manage a security Hardened Linux, Apache, MySQL, & PHP server!

How to get a 100% SSL/TLS Score on SSLLabs

How to get a 100% SSL/TLS Score on SSLLabs online testing tool. Make sure your SSL/TLS security is top-notch!

Linux Server Hardening: Host-Based Intrusion Detection

How to have your server tell you when there is an issue or security breach. Hardening Linux with a standalone Host-Based Intrusion Detection; OSSEC server. This article is the sixth in the Diamond Hard LAMP series.

Linux Web Server Hardening: MAC with AppArmor

How to protect LAMP servers from vulnerable web applications. Mandatory Access Controls with AppArmor. This article is the fifth in the Diamond Hard LAMP series.

Linux Server Hardening: Banning Malicious Traffic

How to use Linux system logs to block malicious traffic. This article is the fourth in the Diamond Hard LAMP series.

Linux Web Server Hardening: WAF for Web Servers

How to protect your web servers with a Web Application Firewall(WAF). Building ModSecurity for Apache. This article is the third in the Diamond Hard LAMP series.

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