So you have a new server set up with a PCIe RAID card, 8x 1TB SSDs configured in RAID 10, now you want to know just how fast this set up can move data. If you read my previous post about Understanding Disk Performance then you will know there are a few things you want to test for. It is always a good idea to benchmark your storage before putting it into production so you know where the storage processing capacity limit is. Doing so will help you with capacity planning and show you misconfigurations that may cause downtime in the future.

      For this article, I am going to focus on storage benchmarking tools. I have worked with many different benchmarking tools, some good and others that wasted a lot of my time. So I want to let you know which ones are worth learning and using. Here is a roundup of my favorite tools out there for Windows and Linux Operating Systems.

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