TLDR: Too Long Didn’t Read

User Accounts

  • Disable and rename the built-in Administrator account.
  • Create a new basic and administrator user account.
  • Only use the administrator account when necessary.

Strong Passwords

  • When you have to use a password you will need to remember, use a pass-phrase at least 24 characters in length.
  • Adding complexity to the beginning or middle of a password makes it stronger.
  • Misspelling words in a pass-phrase will make it stronger.
  • Use a Password Manager and/or Two-factor Authentication!.

Firewall Rules

  • Don’t skip locking down the server’s firewall even when behind a WAN perimeter firewall.
  • Only system management access(RDP/SSH) should be allowed from a preset management IP range.
  • Outbound firewall rules are just as important as inbound rules, so spend the time to set them up!

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